Your child will enjoy reading THEIR name as a character in  these timeless stories.

Circus Star/Party (Birthday Version available)

It's a thrilling trip to the circus as you rescue a baby chimpanzee and become the star of the show. Spend a special day at the circus and get to sit in the front row. When CoCo, a baby chimpanzee disappears on his bicycle, you get to find and rescue him just before he crashes into a big truck. As a reward for saving him you become the star of the show and get to lead the Grand Parade! ***BIRTHDAY Option Available*** Encourage your Child's Imagination!!! Enjoy This Adventure Forever!

Teddy Bear Land

Join a teddy bear on a magical journey through Teddy Bear Land. Play games and meet pink marshmallow bunnies. This is a quality personalized children’s book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. Hard cover book, approximately 6" by 9", 24 pages.

School Is Fun

Who says school is boring? Not when you have to solve the mystery of spilled milk and strange noises coming from the school lockers. (c) Best


Aliens have invaded earth! It's up to your child to join forces with the Ninja to save our planet from destruction and capture the evil Alien spy. Imagine how your child will feel when he (or she) sees his name in this Ninja Adventure story!


It's a trip to the North Pole and a wonderful holiday wish-come-true as Santa and Rudolph get ready for Christmas. Your Christmas adventure begins with an invitation from one of Santa’s reindeer. “Please come to the North Pole with me. Santa Claus had a big problem and only you can help," pleads a reindeer. Enjoy a snack in Mrs. Claus' kitchen and then explore Santa’s workshop. At Santa’s request, make the special Christmas WISH for everyone.

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid needs your child’s help! King Neptune, the Little Mermaid's father, has been captured by the evil sea serpent Electra! With the help of sea horses, star fish, parrot fish, Splish and Splash, and the Little Mermaid; you lead an exciting rescue into the serpent's den in a sunken pirate ship. A wonderful adventure story for any young reader. Imagine how your little girl will feel when she sees her name in this Little Mermaid book!

Mother Goose

The classic nursery rhymes with your child's name right in the rhymes mixed with full page illustrations. Mother Goose has lost her way and asks you to help her get home. Along the way you meet the old woman living in a shoe, Humpty Dumpty, Miss Muffet and others.

When I Grow Up

Your teacher asks you to write a story about what you want to be when you grow up. You start to day dream ... What will you be when you grow up? A dancer or cowboy? A doctor or chef? This book is full of fun choices.

Ballerina Princess

"Attend a fancy dress ball, dance in a ballet and have tea with the King and Queen when you become royalty." © Best (Size 6x9)

Farm Animals

Spend an exciting day on the farm. Meet all the barnyard animals and help save them from a dangerous storm. © Best

African-American Heroes

It's a magic carpet ride to dreamland to meet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other famous African-American heroes. (c) Best

Dinosaur Land

"Magically travel back to the time of the dinosaurs and save the giant creatures from an erupting volcano." © Best (Size 6x9)

Beauty and the Beast

Attend a fancy dress ball, dance in a ballet and have tea with the King and Queen when your child becomes royalty ... well until they miss their family and go back home. **All friends names in book should be GIRLS names for the story to make sense as the pictures show all girls in the book

The Three Little Pigs

The Wolf is after the Three Little Pigs. Your child is the hero in this classic, well-loved fairy tale. © Best

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