What's better than being in a story with your favorite Disney characters?!  Fly on a magic carpet with Aladdin and Jasmine or run through the streets of London with the 101 Dalmatians.  Join Simba, Pumba and Timon on an African adventure, or team up with Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck to hunt treasure.  Oh the adventures never end with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or with Pocahontas, or Quasimoto!

Every book is personalized with your child's name in each story.

Disney Winnie the Pooh

Your child embarks on an adventure with Winnie the Pooh and his pals to explore the strange noises coming from an old deserted house in the forest. Your child portrays bravery and leadership in this Disney adventure. (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

While helping the Seven Dwarfs dig for jewels, you find a beautiful emerald. But is it a jewel or a trick by the evil Queen? (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Pocahontas

Your child embarks on an adventure with Pocahontas, John Smith, and the gang to find Pocahontas' father, Chief Powhatan's missing headdress. Your child takes charge and leads the group finding clues and listening to the old wise spirit of Grandmother Willow. In the end your child becomes the hero and is invited by Chief Powhatan himself to the Powhatan ceremony. © Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Minnie 'n Me

Spend a special day at the beach with Minnie Mouse. (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Mickey Mouse - Treasure Hunt

Mickey Mouse receives a treasure map in his mailbox and wants you to come help him find the buried treasure. (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney The Lion King

Your child joins Simba the lion cub and his pals Timon and Pumba for an African adventure. While relaxing on the river they come across a dangerous waterfall and realize that a parrot is in trouble hanging on a limb over the fall. Your child saves the day as he teams up with his Lion King pals and rescues the parrot from falling. Your child is portrayed as a courageous hero and is recognized in the end. (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Djali ate the puppets for the puppet show, and you need to help Quasimoto make new ones for the puppet show tonight! Can you do it? (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Babies

A sweet Disney story about visiting with Baby Mickey, Baby Minnie, Baby Donald, and Baby Goofy. Great book for babies. (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney 101 Dalmatians

Travel all over London as you help Roger and Anita search for one of their missing puppies. (c) Disney (6 x 9)

Disney Aladdin

The Genie is missing, and you will get a chance to travel all over the world with Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and Abu to find him. Are you up to the challenge? (c) Disney (6 x 9)

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